Full Revolution Farm

A Passive House International Project

Full Revolution Farm Full Year Of Earth Tube Data

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Full Revolution Farm

Has 4 earth tube systems that cover the entire projects ventlation requirements for ASHRAE 62.1, Kitchen Ventlation, and the Garage Ventlation’


Full Revolution Farm Earth Tube Data;

Average Annual COP @ 150 CFM 21.69

Average Annual COP @ 200 CFM 13.69

Average Annual COP based on daily schedule is 20.89  This is 90% of the time at 150 cfm and 10% at 200 cfm


Would you like addational information on Earth Tubes and Earth Tube Design please contact us below

New York Passive House Conferance and Expo

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New York Passive House Conferance and Expo

Check out the best Passive House Conferance!

Passivhaus retrofits provide long term benefits great article!!

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Passivhaus retrofits provide long term benefits great article!!

Well it is nice to see a good article on retrofiting building to the Passivhause Standard

Fortified For Safer Living Standard

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This is an addational certification that is underconsideration for FRFfortified-safer-living-standards_IBHS 11 29 2013 download

Tight Vent Europe Newsletter # 5

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This is a great newsletter on Passive House Buildings in Europe!!  It covers a number of topics; commissioning results verses re-commissioning results, and monitoring that is part of the European Program.  Plus much more!!


Dense Packed Wood Webs

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Basement wood webs insulatedDense Packed Wood Webs

The 18 inch wood webs are dense packed between the Basement and first floor (top photo), and the first and second floors This view looking South East across Great Room, Dinning Room, Kitchen, to Green House Entrance into Kitchen. You can see the insulated exterior walls and the dense packed second floor wood webs.

Building Entryway Air Sealing

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Entryway air sealing and insulationBuilding Entryway Air Sealing

Entryway Air sealing of roof and exterior SIP walls to the framing


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