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US DOE Zero Energy Ready Home QA Review

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DOE ZERH Webinar – QMS

A recording of the webinar will be available soon on the DOE Zero Energy Ready Home Resources website,  where you will also find recordings of past technical training webinars and presentations.

If you are building a project or starting the design process you should be asking a lot of questions of your General Contractor and Design Professional.  If they can not demonstrate multiple projects and a track record of energy efficent buildings certified by a RESNET Rater, then you need to find another General Contractor and or Design Professional

Fiber Goats Cleaned Up!!

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2014-07-09 13.27.51 Fiber Goats Finished the field 22014-07-09 13.27.47 Fiber Goats finished the field

All of the Rain, we need help on Weed and Native Plant Control!! Fiber goats!!

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2014-07-03 18.13.51 Fiber Goats 2014-07-03 18.13.53 Fiber Goats 2 2014-07-03 18.14.13 Fiber Goats 3

They were great!!  Several days and we were back in shape!!  What a great way to control Weeds and Native Plantings!!

Second Wettest Summer on Record!!

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2014-07-02 11.19.39 Pond Picture for upload

All of the rain has kept the job going slow and we have been busy working inside!!

The pond is 15 feet deep and it filled up!!

Between all of the rains the outside work has moved slowely but we have a lot to review!!

We have been busy at work!!

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It has been a while for any good post with pictures on FRF!! The pictures are on the way we have been busy with install door frames and drywall for the Classic California Arts and Crafts Style that the house is starting to take on!!


The project team has been busy doing all of the calculations and assembling the Earth Tube Temp. Data Files supporting the Innovative Design Request that we are submitting to RESNET and the Zero Energy Ready Home Program.

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Full Revolution Farm Full Year Of Earth Tube Data

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Full Revolution Farm

Has 4 earth tube systems that cover the entire projects ventlation requirements for ASHRAE 62.1, Kitchen Ventlation, and the Garage Ventlation’


Full Revolution Farm Earth Tube Data;

Average Annual COP @ 150 CFM 21.69

Average Annual COP @ 200 CFM 13.69

Average Annual COP based on daily schedule is 20.89  This is 90% of the time at 150 cfm and 10% at 200 cfm


Would you like addational information on Earth Tubes and Earth Tube Design please contact us below

New York Passive House Conferance and Expo

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New York Passive House Conferance and Expo

Check out the best Passive House Conferance!


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