Full Revolution Farm

A Passive House International Project

Grass and Native Plantings are starting to Grow!!

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2015-06-04 09.10.40 2015-06-04 09.10.26

Stucco Starts!!

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FRF Valt Electrical Box 2015-06-05 10.34.31 2015-06-05 10.34.28 2015-06-05 10.34.27 2015-06-04 09.22.31 2015-06-04 09.22.44

Stucco Starts and the Gutter Kickouts are Installed

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2015-06-05 10.32.07 2015-06-05 10.32.56 2015-06-05 10.32.17

Windows and Doors!! Manufacturing is Done!!

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141222-FRF-5 141222-FRF-5 (3) 141222-FRF-4 (2) 141222-FRF-3 (2) 141222-FRF-2 141222-FRF-1 (2) 141222-FRF-2 (2)

The HH Window and Doors are done and we are waiting on shipping.

CMU Gallery is Completed

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2014-09-23 16.07.30

The South Side Gallery is completed and the deck needs to be installed

Block Foundation is preped and tied into foundation at grade with bond beam

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2014-08-29 07.48.36 Massion has brought the block up to grade and bond beam and rebar tiein to the foundation

Mason is Preparing to Bring Foundation Up to Grade

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2014-08-21 09.29.23 Massion prepair the site for bring the foundation up to grade


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